Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Master Builder: Part 2

Next up on my building list is my Nomad army.

Infinity: Space Gypsies

I have a respectable collection of Infinity models that I've built up over the years. However they have been sitting idle gathering dust all this time as I felt that my painting skills have not quite reach the level to do them justice. I want to give them all a non metallic metal (NMM) paint job. It's pretty advance stuff.

However I eventually came to the conclusion that the best way to improve my painting skill is to go out and challenge myself and try out these advance techniques. Sink or swim as they say.

With that, I decided to start off with the faction I believe will have the easier paint scheme: my Nomads army:

Sweet cheap resin bases from Taban miniatures

Corregidor starter plus Intruders and a TAG pilot

Bakunin Jurisdictional Command

Tunguska TAG
I went ahead and clean up the mold lines. Corvus Belli's minis are not only supremely well sculpted but also comes with very little mold lines. There were no defects to speak of. There was however a mix up with the components for the Intruders (i.e. two left arms) but I got this replaced in short order.

Being metal minis, I also decided to pin all the legs of the models to the resin bases. This was a great idea until I reached the female models and their anorexic legs. Due to some twisting that occurred while I was drilling it snapped off! Eeek!

Shoe fell off

Pinning required

This forced me to do some delicate repair work via pinning (it wouldn't work with just superglue). I stopped pinning the minis to their bases after I broke my second female model. Lesson learned!

I envisioned my Corregidor army with a superhero-esq paint scheme with blue leggings, red bodies and arms and possibly white/red armour. Not sure yet. I think I'll sick to the studio paint scheme with the Bakunin though. White and orange is a nice combo.

The Hobbit: Bilbo & Gandalf

I was so impressed with the Desolation of Smaug when I saw it in the cinemas back in December that I pestered by GF to buy the minis for me as a Xmas present.

The prices were too eye watering for me to justify buying it myself!

I always wanted some LoTR minis for my collection, particularly Gandalf, but never got around to picking them up.

After assembling both Bilbo and Gandalf, I must say that these are genuinely pretty models. The scale is smaller than that of 40k but just as detailed. You should see Bilbo's sword, Sting, it's tiny! I particularly like Bilbo's action pose. Very dynamic.

I look forward to painting these guys up. Should be a nice change of pace from all my mainly Sci-fi minis.

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