Thursday, April 3, 2014

BFG: Space Marine Fleet Part 1

After the flurry of assembly work I've been doing lately and an upcoming BFG game with my local group I decided to turn my attention back to my BFG Space Marine fleet.

I started painting this fleet a couple of months back and reached the point where the next step was to edge highlight. I found this prospect so daunting to the point that I loss motivation and made no progress until now!

Good news is that I did some more work on it and I'm pretty much finish with it now.Here's the first part of a 2 part blog post.

Base Colours

I undercoated the models with GW black spray primer. With the help of an airbrush, I coated it with Vallejo Model Air Fire Red and highlighted with Red Fluo. This was really simple to do and looks really good. Using an airbrush for this type of work also speeds up this task considerably.


The black bits like the guns and control tower were painted with GW Abaddon Black and highlighted with GW Codex Grey and then finally GW Fortress Grey.

For the silver I used GW Bolt Gun Metal followed by highlights of GW Mithril Silver. For the Gold I used GW Tin Bitz over black followed by GW Shining Gold and highlighted with GW Brunished Gold.

Engine Flare

I'm still pretty new with the airbrush but I knew there were tricks you can do with it. So I decided to try my hand at doing some engine flare by using the airbrush at a slightly lower pressure so I get that blurry effect.

I started with GW Ice Blue at around 15 psi. I gradually add more white to the mix until I had pure white which I tried to get to the centre of each engine. I screwed up a little bit here and got some overspray to parts of the model that I didn't want. I had to spend a bit of time to fix it up. Lesson learned!

That's it for part 1. I will cover how I did the rest of the fleet in part 2. This is how the 'Painting in Progress' section of my Kanban board looked after the above.

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