Monday, March 24, 2014

Magnetising the Tervigon/Tyranofex kit

I haven't blogged in a while unfortunately. I originally intended to make a post at least once a week but St. Paddy's weekend really threw me off! Anyhow despite not posting for the last 2 weeks I actually got a bunch of stuff built. For this post I will show ye how I magnetise the Tervigon/Tyranofex dual kit.

More Gribblies

I'm still feeling excited about the new Nids so I continued with putting together some of my old kits.

First up is the Tervigon/Tyranofex kit. Oh my is this kit a beauty to behold. GW could not cram more bits into these sprues.

I originally intended to build just the Tervigon since I always wanted to run the Termagant spawning list. However given my recent magnetising endeavours I thought there was no harm trying to magnetise it so I can play both a Tervigon or a Tyranofex. It's always good to have options plus I like the feeling that I'm getting my money's worth with two models for the price of one!

Main arm sockets drilled

I lined the interior end of the hole with GS

Grade N52 6X2mm magnets are inserted which 'sits'on the GS

Once the two body halfs were glued together I proceed to magnetised the heads.
An N52 6X2mm magnet is placed slightly above the centre point as the neck actually curves upwards. This ensure the head will look straight forward as oppose to skywards
Very important when doing the head that it is as centred as possible

Magnets were then inserted

I even went as far as to magnetise the little claws on the body for the Tyranofex build.

Using a hand drill, I made small recesses for the magnets
I did the same with the little claws

I then used the tiny N52 2X1mm magnets on the body..
..and the claws

For the Tervigon build, I did some quick research on the internet on how others have magnetised the birthing sac and went with the one I think looked best.

With the help of GS I placed an N40 3X2mm magnet at the end of each half of the birthing sac
At the front I drilled a hole through to the Gant on the 'right' half of the birthing sac

The idea is that the Gant is glued to the left half but is magnetised to the right half so that I have magnets at both ends of the birthing sac for additional strength

I then moved on to the arms and man does this guy have a lot of arms!

Like all my drilling, I start with a small 'pilot' hole using a hand drill before moving to my electric drill

The arm sockets were just big enough for the N52 3X2mm magnets (seen in the middle)
Shooty arms also drilled

This is how it looks with the Acid Spray. Hmmm beastly.

Lastly I magnetised both legs to the base to ensure ease of access to the model's belly area to switch out the birthing sac. It would be very difficult to reach that area if the legs were glued to the base.

Once again, recess for the big N52 6X2mm magnets for strength

Precise holes drilled into the base

And that's it!

I didn't glue the model together as I will be 'sub-assembly' painting the various parts. It would be too hard to reach certain areas if it was glued on. However I did dry-fitting it to see what it would look like.

Does this birthing sac make me look fat?

I'm too sexy for my carapace...
In closing, if you have the kit I would really recommend magnetising it. It's not particularly easy especially the arms because you have to be pretty precise with the magnet placing. But like everything the more you do it the better you'll get.

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