Friday, April 11, 2014

BFG Mini Battle Report: Space Marines VS Necrons

I played a Battle Fleet Gothic game with a local guy, Jeff, last Wednesday in our FLGS. We both have not played the game in years so our knowledge of the rules was a bit patchy for the game. Nonetheless we had a blast. Here's a brief battle report of how it went down.


We decided on 1,000 pts.

Jeff had 2 Scythes and around 8 Jackal escorts I think.

I made a school boy error and forgot half my fleet on the night! Anyway I had just enough for 995 pts made up of 1 Battle Barge, 3 Strike Cruisers, 2 Hunter escorts and a Master of the Fleet.

Set up

We didn't play any scenarios and just went for a simple shoot em' up annihilation style game.

We had a big asteroid field in the middle which made the game a lot more tactical as there was essentially one huge line of site blocking terrain in the middle.


Jeff set up facing straight towards the asteroid field.

I set up my fleet with a slight angle so that my direction of travel was parallel to the asteroid field

First turn Jeff went all ahead full with most of his fleet to circle around the field to come at me from behind. One Jackal squadron punched their way through the asteroid field but suffering one casualty as they failed their leadership test.

I did likewise and moved all ahead full to try to get to his isolated Jackal squadron that just made their way through the asteroid field.

On Jeff's second turn he did another all ahead full on his Scythes and some Jackals to come directly behind my fleet ready to unload next turn. One of his Jackal squadron shot at my Hunters with their Lighting Arcs and promptly blew my escorts to bits.

On my turn I moved my fleet away from his to try to set up a nice firing position next turn. I launched all of my Thunderhawks behind my fleet to intercept the rapidly approaching Necrons.

On Jeff's next turn he gave chase and unloaded his Lighting Arcs and Gauss Particle Whips on my fleet destroying the slowest Strike Cruiser, took down shields and a few hull points from my GK Strike Cruisers and most of the Thunderhawk squadrons.

On my turn I reloaded ordnance on all my ships and launched them straight at his Jackals which was right behind me at this stage. One wave hit home and crit the shit out of a Jackal squadron. Escorts are destroyed whenever they suffer a critical hit. We played it that they didn't get an armour save from the hit and run attacks. Not sure if this was correct?

At this point most of his Jackals were gone. He retaliated with his 2 Scythes and they took out both of my remaining Strike Cruisers in 2 turns. In the mean time I did a come to a new heading special order to try to bring my Battle Barge into firing position. This took it into the asteroid field which meant it couldn't be shot at nor can it shoot out.

At this point we only had 15 mins left before the shop closes and we decided to call it so Jeff could get his train home.

All in all it was a very fun game. We had to check up some of the rules a good few times but it went smoothly enough.

Thanks for the game Jeff!

I'm hoping to have regular BFG games and will be posting more battle reports in the near future. So stayed tuned.

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