Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ARTFX BISHOUJO - Star Wars: Mara Jade Statue Review

I'm a collector.

Always have been always will be. Despite this I've never been a collector of action figures or statues in general. I prefer miniatures because of the opportunity it offers in terms of hobby and painting. I can really go to town with customising my miniatures. This is not the case with action figures or statues.

However I've recently acquired something pretty special that I will showcase today:

ARTFX Bishoujo - Star Wars: Mara Jade Statue

ARTFX Bishoujo is a line of soft vinyl statues produced by a Japanese company called Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya are famed for making some very pretty female sculpts and the one they did for Mara Jade is no exception.

The Character

Mara Jade is a character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU). A former "Emperor's Hand" who later married Luke Skywalker.

The statue is based on the artwork from Shunya Yamashita:

As you will see below the final product is a very accurate representation of this artwork.

The Packaging

The statue comes in a very nice premium looking black box. The statue is encased in clear plastic packaging. Pretty standard stuff. The important thing was that it traveled all the way from Japan and there were no visible damage to the statue. So the packaging did its job!

The Statue

The statue is a 1/7 scale easy assembly kit. The arms and accessories came separate from the body. It was all push fit stuff so very easy to put together.

Accessories includes two light sabers, goggles and an optional cape. The statue comes with a clear base with two inserts. One Imperial and one rebels to show her allegiances. Pretty neat.

The sculpt itself is absolutely stunning. The pose is both commanding and seductive. Mara sport a skintight body suit which help accentuate all her curves and boy is there a lot of curves! Like all of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo's line, Mara oozes serious sex appeal.

Mara also comes equip with some pretty cool gear. The light saber and the gun on her hips gives the impression she is ready to kick some serious Sith ass and the flowing cape together with her wind-blown hair provides some very nice dynamics to the statue.

The paint job is top notch. Her boots has a nice shine to it, almost leather like. Her hair has a very nice shade of red and the paint job on her face is second to none.


For a guy that's not that into statues or figurines, I'm seriously impressed with Mara Jade. Kotobukiya has done everything right here, sculpt is fantastic, paint job is superb, pose is cool, light saber is purple and I haven't even mention dat ass!

And here's my verdict from a scale of "The Prequal Trilogy" (Buy at Your Own Peril), "Leia Cinnamon Bun Hairdo" (Not Great But Not Bad) and "Purple Light Sabre, Mofos!" (This Will Blow Your Mind!).

Purple Light Sabre, Mofos!

Nuff said.

Hope you enjoyed the brief review. I will have more nerdy product reviews in future so stay tuned.

More photos with the alternate light saber and cape below:

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