Monday, August 4, 2014

X Wing: Customised Pilot Tombstones

I'm back!

Apologies for my lack of blog activity for the last 4 weeks. I have traveled to the Underworld....or was it the Down Under, I can't remember, but I have now returned, rejuvenated and ready to rock & blog.

The Down Underworld was hot and surprisingly nice
I'm going to start off with a nice short article on some X-Wing hobby stuff.

Customised Pilot Tombstones

I've been flying a TIE Swarm for a good bit now and one thing that I found really boring was the numbered tombstones that you had to use if you were running multiple generic pilots such as the ubiquitous Academy Pilot. With a TIE Swarm I have 4 of these schmucks. It got really boring hearing "I'm taking a shot at Academy Pilot #3" or "Why wouldn't Academy Pilot #2 just die already!?!" etc etc.

Something I've seen in the closely related game: Star Trek Attack Wing is that they had tombstones with pilots' photos on them. I thought this was a really neat idea and really help personalised each ship.

After a light bulb moment I made the connection between the two. I went off to the interwebs to see if anyone has had a similar idea to mine and done this for X-Wing. After a brief prayer to the God of Knowledge, Google, I found an article with a tutorial of exactly how to go about doing your own customised pilot tombstones for X-Wing. Sweet.

Before you read on check out the original article at The Metal Bikini blog here.

Welcome back.

For my tombstones I basically followed the methodology per the article above but instead of using MS Powerpoint I used MS Paint. I had to improvised a little bit as the version of MS Paint I had on my computer didn't actually have the tombstone template.

With regards to choice of photos I decided on celebrities that are so well known anyone could recognise them at a glance.

I copy and pasted the photos onto the template on MS Paint and printed it out on a standard A4 page. My dad actually has a laminator at home so I borrowed that and laminated the page for extra durability. I didn't think the paper the photos were printed on would last very long otherwise.

Once laminated I cut out the photos using regular scissors and glued them on the numbered tombstones using a glue stick (Pritt Stick if you're into your brands).

And viola! that's it. Easy peasy.

Now my TIE Swarm will bring smiles to my opponents (while I crush them) and bring about things you thought you'll never hear from an X-Wing game such as "I'm going for Miley Cyrus, that girl is nasty" or "Justin Bieber is going down, I hate that kid" etc etc.

 Well that's all I got for this week. Stay tuned and fly casual.

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