Sunday, June 15, 2014

X-Wing: Imperial Phantom Showcase

The Imperial Phantom in all its glory

With the X-Wing Wave 4 pre-release events held in the last couple of weeks, I was lucky enough to get my greedy paws on two Phantoms.

The new cloaking/decloaking mechanic introduced with this ship makes it one of the most interesting ship in Wave 4. The two unique pilots, "Whisper" and "Echo", have some nifty special rules which get even better when combined with their unique upgrade cards like the cheesy Advanced Cloaking Device. In addition, it is the only ship to have an attack value of 4 basic. That's 5 attack dice at range 1. This was my reaction:

Reaction upon seeing the Phantom's stats
Suffice to say, due to the above reasons, the Phantom is my favourite ship in X-Wing. Period.

So when I had both of them in my clutches I couldn't resist and gave them a nice cloaking/decloaking paint job.

Check these bad boys out:



The Phantom Duo

This was a bit of a break in my planned blogging schedule. But I was so excited to get these and really love the awesome cloaking/decloaking paint job that I did (if I may say so myself!) that I had to get these posted up ASAP.

I will get the tutorial on how I accomplished this posted in due course. Ok that's it for this post, I'm going to go hug my Phantoms in bed...


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