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Infinity Painting Challenge: July 2015

Welcome to the first round up of entries for our Infinity Painting Challenge!

After attending the Beast of War Infinity Boot-camp back in June 2015, a group of us "boot-campers" decided to start a monthly painting challenge to help us build and paint our Infinity armies (see previous post here kick-starting the challenge).

The idea is that by setting painting goals at the start of the month, the month end deadline will provide a good incentive to finish our Infinity armies. This will allow us to get gaming sooner rather than later! There is also the added benefit of painting as a community where we can share painting tips and techniques and also admire each others' handiwork.

Check out our July 2015 entries below:

Barry (aka Bazleebub)

Barry has not only met his challenge of completing his Haqqislam 5 man 2 bots unit but also went one up and painted a few JSAs.

There is a really nice contrast with the grittiness of the Haq units and the hi-tech space samurais of the JSA. Also note the exquisite free hand of the Yu Jing symbol on the shoulder pad of the Domaru.

You can check out more of Barry's work here.

Calum (aka Cazboab)

Calum was the first of us to finish. He managed to paint his entire Ariadna Starter Set and the new exclusive Joan of Arc mini in the fist week of the challenge! Seriously impressive work.

I really like how sharp his free hand is on the shoulder pads of Joan of Arc and the 3rd Highlander Grey.

Check out more photos from Calum's album here.

Carl (aka Dropship)

I can't believe how good this guy is. Carl's work on his Yu Jing starter set is nothing short of phenomenal. His blending work and eye for colours is second to none. Carl really knows how to make his models standout.

Not sure about you but I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

You can check out more of Carl's work on his hobby blog here.

Chris (aka Seldon9)

For someone who only started painting Chris has been pretty prolific this month and managed to paint all the Pan-O models from the Icestorm box set.

I really like the armour highlights and the blending on the white cloaks/coats.

You can see more close up pictures of Chris' work here.

Damian (aka Mordimer)

I like the highlights Damian has done on the red and black bits on this model. It really makes it look shiny and high-tech.

I have seen some of Damian's other Nomads (they look gorgeous) and I'm looking forward for what he has in store for us in the future!

Marco (aka Donlou)

Marco's paint job and the snow base is very reminiscent of the cover of the Infinity Artbook One. I'm also getting a cool Predator-esq vibe from this Oznat. Primal but futuristic at the same time.

Paddy (aka Paddycorkman)

Paddy has gone for the Acontecimento killing machine that is the Dragao and the sneaky Bagh-Mari for this month's challenge. Two of my favourite models from the Acontecimento starter box!

Paddy's work is very clean and tidy which does a great job of showcasing all the details on the models.

Rasmus (aka Rasmus)

Rasmus has done some conversion work on his Acontecimento regulars. This has given the unit a very distinctive feel. I also like how Rasmus has done his bases. Goes really well with the model in the prone position in particular.

Sam (aka Fullmetalvoiddragon)

Your's truly handiwork for July. I always wanted an army of ninjas and now I have them! I love all the models in this unit and the whole reason I painted them together was that they all incorporate some element of green and black.

I'm not too happy with how the final matt varnish turned out so will be re-doing once I paint up the bases from Micro Arts studio in a future project.

You can see close up pictures of the minis here.

Smitty (aka Marine101)

Smitty dropped the photos of these guys in with only 1 day to go with a message telling us he's off to GenCon. Ah I'm so jealous!

Anyhow back on his painting: Smitty has done a very nice job of the glowing effect on the Shasvastii guns. I like how different each of his models look yet still tied together via the bases. The disparate nature of the Combined Army really gives people the chance to try their hand on a wide variety of units.

Tips and Tricks

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of painting as a group is the exchange of hobby ideas and knowledge.

During this month's Painting Challenge Carl aka Dropship has done a great write up of the various techniques he uses for protecting his models. This is a must read. Check out the original forum post here (scroll down to the bottom of page 5).

August Painting Challenge

As we now enter into the month of August the Infinity Painting Challenge will start anew once more.

I'm really happy with the participation for our first month of the challenge. There has been some great models painted here. So if this has inspired you in anyway and you would like to join us feel free to sign up for the August Panting Challenge.

To sign up just enter your name and details on the google docs that can be found here.

The rules (more like guidelines) are simple and are as follows:

  • Miniature must be for the game of Infinity;
  • The miniature/s to be painted to be declared at the start of the month;
  • The miniature/s must be painted within that month (old unfinished projects welcome);
  • 2 pictures of the finished model/s to be submitted either to me or posted on the Beast of War Painting Challenge forum page before the end of the current month  (I will collate and share it on this blog).
Once you sign up you can get chatting with the guys on the BoW forum here.

Enjoy and get those Infinity models painted!

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